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  1. The Holy Bible, KJV

    The Holy Bible, KJV

    Put God’s Word into action with the easy-to-share King James Version Holy Bible. The King James Version has been the standard English-language Bible for centuries. Its literary and devotional qualities continue to penetrate the hearts of every generation, bringing to hungry souls the sa...

  2. Sisters in Faith Holy Bible, KJV, Michele Clark Jenkins-Stephanie Perry Moore

    Sisters in Faith Holy Bible, KJV

    The Sisters in Faith Holy Bible is a sister-to-sister guide through the Word of God. It demonstrates how His Word is active and will impact every interaction of life in a practical way for the African-American woman.  Where can a woman go to find help with life's struggles? Executive ed...

  3. KJV UltraSlim Bible, Designer Series, Thomas Nelson

    KJV UltraSlim Bible, Designer Series

    This fashionable edition of the Designer Series UltraSlimTM Bible is perfect for carrying with you every day—to church, to the office, or to the local coffee shop. It fits easily into your purse or briefcase, yet even with its slender design, the interior preserves easy-to-read, full-si...

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