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  1. Grace for the Moment : Morning and Evening Devotional Journal, Max Lucado

    Grace for the Moment

    Every day brings its share of challenges and joys, uncertainties and blessings.  When your focus is on the One who controls the heavens and the earch, you realize how blessed you are, and that with God you are never alone.  America’s leading inspirational author Max Luc...

  2. Fearless DVD-Based Study, Max Lucado

    Fearless DVD-Based Study

    Finding freedom from your fears is easier than you think. Let Max Lucado help you or your small group explore and find a spiritual solution to the growing minefield of fear. What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats? In these six DVD sessions, Fearless addresses some...
    DVD Video

  3. His Name is Jesus : The Promise of God's Love Fulfilled, Max Lucado

    His Name is Jesus

    Max Lucado's first book that journeys from the birth of Christ to His resurrection. Drawing from his classic writing on Jesus combined with new reflections and breathtaking art, Max Lucado again opens our eyes—and hearts—to the life and work of the Savior in a way that will change lives...

  4. Grace for the Moment Morning & Evening Edition : Inspiration for Each Day of the Year, Max Lucado

    Grace for the Moment Morning & Evening Edition

    Inspiration twice a day, every day! Grace for the Moment continues to touch lives as it emphasizes the help and hope of God in everyday moments and offers enough inspiration to carry you through the busiest of days. Lucado, America's leading inspirational author, fills each day's readin...

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