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Women of Faith Daily Gifts: Devotions for Each Day of Your Year

One Call Away: Answering Life's Challenges with Unshakable Faith

Fresh-Brewed Life: A Stirring Invitation to Wake Up Your Soul

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  1. Hope : The  Anchor for Your Soul, Women of Faith


    Got hope? This 6-week intensive Bible study will help you anchor your soul on our hope-Jesus. Each weekly study is divided into five daily lessons, and can be completed individually or in a group setting. The large format gives you plenty of room to write, and each chapter is introdu...

  2. Keeping a Princess Heart in a Not-So-Fairy-Tale World : A Conversation Guide for Women, Nicole Johnson

    Keeping a Princess Heart in a Not-So-Fairy-Tale World

    Well-known for her speaking and dramatic sketches at the popular Women of Faith® conferences, author Nicole Johnson explores the tension and differences between what women long for and what they live with. By exploring these two worlds with her one-of-a-kind, thoroughly engaging storyte...

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