Matt Kelly's knack for concealing his identity is his greatest asset as a federal agent. But when an assignment gets personal, discovering who he really is may prove to be the toughest mission of all.

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  1. How does the book rate as an action thriller? Was the overall storyline believable or larger than life? Were the characters generally believable? Were you left with the impression that the author's treatment of the intrigue, action, and drama were realistic? Well researched? Were there any points in the story where your interest waned at all? If so, what compelled you to read on?
  2. How does Bunn reveal the major themes throughout the book? Does his treatment of the interpersonal relationships contribute to the primary story line? How does Bunn provide the reader with perspective into Matt's relationships with others? With Megan? With Paul? With Connie, Lucas, Sol, Vic, Judy, Porter. Which relationships can you most relate to in your own life? With which characters do you most closely identify? Why?
  3. What was your initial impression of the main character, Matt Kelly? In the opening scenes, Bunn lays the foundation for the duality of Matt's character. This duality exists between the quiet aloof man who has "honed a talent for hiding in plain daylight" and the warrior who "charged the air with lethal tension." How effectively does Bunn provide these initial insights into Matt's personality? How does Bunn maintain this duality throughout the book? Does Matt's character ever resolve this inner conflict? Does the story itself provide the reader with the deeper insight into the root cause of this duality? How does Matt's talent for mimicry support his duality?
  4. Bunn manages to quickly draw the reader into the character of Megan Kelly and her relationship with Matt. Megan provides us with a brief but effective look into Matt's life and personality. She variously refers to Matt as withdrawn, virile, unflappable, inflexible, and professional. Though she dies in the opening scenes of the story, how does Megan's character continue to influence Matt's decisions throughout the book? To what extent, if any, do Connie, Judy and Hannah assume a maternal role in Matt's life?
  5. Just as Matt's relationship to Megan is key to understanding his personality, so too are his relationships with the men in his life. How would you characterize the father and son dynamic between Paul Kelly and Matt? In what ways do his relationships with Sol and Vic provide Matt with the elements of a father and son relationship that he doesn't receive from Paul? Does the revelation concerning Porter Reeves provide a means for Paul and Matt to resolve their conflict? Are you left with the impression that they will be able to rebuild their relationship? Do you think they should?
  6. In what ways did the relationship between Matt and Connie become central to the flow of the story? If you could change the dynamics of their relationship within the story, what would you change? How was their relationship structured? What aspects of Connie's character enabled Matt to break from his own personality trends and become more communicative and revealing of himself? What role did Lucas D'Amico have in providing the impetus and guidance to both Matt and Connie that allowed them to develop their relationship?
  7. How effectively does Bunn move the plot of the story forward to resolution? In what ways did he push the envelope of believability?
  8. Of the various subplots within the storyline, perhaps the most important one is Lucas D'Amico's character. What themes did Bunn explore in his expression of D'Amico? How did faith play into D'Amico's relationship with his wife? With Katy? With Hannah? Was D'Amico able to resolve his personal conflict over the future of his daughter? How would you deal with a like situation in your own life? From where would you draw your strength to overcome the obstacles that D'Amico is faced with?
  9. What were some of the more effective literary devices used throughout the book? How did the author incorporate elements of foreshadowing and flashback? Would the story have been more compelling if the author had used a single voice to tell the story? If so, whose voice?
  10. What, in your opinion, is the single most rewarding aspect of the book?

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Imposter, Davis Bunn
  • Imposter, Davis Bunn


Matt Kelly's knack for concealing his identity is his greatest asset as a federal agent. But when an assignment gets personal, discovering who he really is may prove to be the toughest mission of all.

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Length 384 Pages
Publication Date January 2, 2007
  • Thomas Nelson
ISBN-10 1595542264
ISBN-13 9781595542267
Height 8.3"
Width 5.4"