The Martyr's Song


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  1. Do you believe that life will extend beyond the few years that you have on this earth, and if so, to what extent do you think what happens in this life affects the next life? If you believe life extends beyond the life we live here on earth, why do most people give so little thought to the afterlife?
  2. How do you define true beauty? Why do you think our culture is so preoccupied with external beauty?
  3. Do you think Nadia was a fool for standing up for her faith, or a wise child who knew more than most? If you had been in Nadia's shoes, what would you have done?
  4. It is said that whereas martyrdom is the epitome of courage, suicide is the epitome of cowardice. Describe the difference between Nadia's spirit of courage and the spirit that drives some to contemplate suicide.
  5. When Nadia and Father Michael are near death, they both hear voices laughing and rejoicing. Whose voices do you think they are hearing?
  6. Jesus and most of his disciples were killed for their faith like both Nadia and Father Michael. What kind of thinking drove these people to their deaths when they had the choice to live for the sake of their loved ones by relaxing their convictions? Jesus ministered for a mere three years and died as a young man; couldn't he have done the world more good by living longer?
  7. In cosmic terms, every person dies very soon after he or she is born, usually within eighty or so years. Who do you think live happier lives, those who cling to their lives here, or those who look forward to one day moving on? In which category would you place yourself?
  8. If given the choice today, would you choose a million-dollar house, a luxury car, a wonderful spouse, and plenty of money to burn, or the invitation to join Nadia and the singer, screaming with delight through the sky? Are you sure?
  9. Are most Christians you know obsessed with heaven, or are they so enamored with life on earth that heaven is mostly an afterthought? Do you find this hypocritical? Are you hypocritical?
  10. Millions die each day. If you were hit by a truck today, would this be a good thing for you or a bad thing? Explain.

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The Martyr's Song, Ted Dekker

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Length 146 Pages
Publication Date May 14, 2007
  • Thomas Nelson
ISBN-10 1595542949
ISBN-13 9781595542946
Height 8.1"
Width 5.4"