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  1. First Date, Krista McGee

    First Date

    The last thing Addy Davidson wants is to be on a reality TV show where the prize is a prom date with the President’s son. Learn More

  2. Chosen, Ted Dekker


    Think with your heart and prepare to die . . . for you have been Chosen. Learn More

  3. Infidel, Ted Dekker


    From Chosen to Traitor? After being stretched to their limits, the four heroic young Forest Guard recruits—Johnis, Silvie, Billos, and Darsal—face new dangers on their mission to secure the seven lost Books of History. Learn More

  4. Beautiful, Cindy Martinusen Coloma


    Her friends once thought she was perfect. Now she must face the mirror--and herself--to discover what true beauty is. Learn More

  5. I'm So Sure, Jenny B. Jones

    I'm So Sure

    Think you're having a rough week? Bella's stepdad, a semi-pro wrestler, just signed the entire family up for a reality TV show. Bella's first thought: Kill. Me. Now. Learn More

  6. ISBN: 9781595543561

    Ruby Unscripted

    Ruby's finding out that life is all about improv . . . Learn More

  7. Skin, Ted Dekker


    A freak storm has spawned three tornadoes that are bearing down on the town of Summerville. Learn More

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