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  1. God's Wisdom for Mothers, Jack Countryman

    God's Wisdom for Mothers

    The crown of a mother is found in her faithfulness and character as it’s reflected in her children. God’s Wisdom™ for Mothers was created to give timeless wisdom and guidance for Scripture meditation and application. It is divided topically to include 11 categories (62 subjects) pertain...
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  2. Reflections From a Mother's Heart, Jack Countryman

    Reflections From a Mother's Heart

    What better gift is there than for Mom to share her life’s story, straight from the heart? Children young or grown will truly love receiving this treasure for a lifetime as they read stories about their mother’s life experiences. Reflections from a Mother’s Heart is a beautiful place...

  3. An Invitation to Prayer for Mothers, Jack Countryman

    An Invitation to Prayer for Mothers

    Prayer is one of the essential tools the Lord bestows on mothers to reveal His will, to calm their hearts, and to equip them for daily living and parenting. It’s no easy task being a mother, raising children to be godly adults of integrity and character, especially with the temptati...

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