The American Bible Challenge

How Do You Kill 11 Million People? Why the Truth Matters More than You Think

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  1. The Edge of the Divine : Where Possibility Meets God's Faithfulness, Sandi Patty

    The Edge of the Divine

    Overweight and stressed out, award-winning vocalist, speaker, and author Sandi Patty was teetering on the edge of a meltdown when her trusted doctor and friend issued an ominous warning: “You are cheating your family if you die too soon—and trust me, Sandi, if you don’t do something, yo...

  2. Infinite Grace : The Devotional, Women of Faith

    Infinite Grace

    From all of your favorite Women of Faith®! This lighthearted and inspirational collection of brand new devotions shares a message of grace with the warmth and wisdom fans have come to expect from Women of Faith®. Boundless Grace offers a love that has no limits, a spacious freedom for ...

  3. Life in the Blender : Blending Families, Lives and Relationships with Grace, Sandi Patty

    Life in the Blender

    "From 'all cracked up' to 'stronger in the broken places'―that's how our blended family has transitioned from the heartache of divorce to the happy, devoted relationships we enjoy today." It's estimated that more than half the Christians filling our churches today have been through a di...

  4. Falling Forward : ...into His Arms of Grace, Sandi Patty

    Falling Forward

    For every mother who has thought, "I just blew it with my kids," for every wife who thinks she just can't stand to pretend anymore, for every friend who thinks she's reached the end of her patience, for every headline you read about someone who has compromised―there's a story that start...

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