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  1. Duck Dynasty Season 2,

    Duck Dynasty Season 2

    In Season 2, Volume 1, of the hit series "Duck Dynasty" on A&E, Louisiana's bearded, camouflage-clad millionaires continue to live out the American dream while staying true to their rugged outdoorsman lifestyle and Southern roots. Ask anyone in Louisiana and they'll tell you that the ba...
    DVD Video

  2. We Be Big : The Mostly True Story of How Two Kids from Calhoun County, Alabama, Became Rick and Bubba, Rick Burgess

    We Be Big

    If you’ve ever started your day with Rick and Bubba, you know the unmistakable drawl of those two crazy Alabama boys. What you may not know is that they almost weren’t “Rick and Bubba.” From their glory days of homemade “radio stations,” youthful athletic ambition, and redneck Sh...

  3. Laughter from Heaven, Barbara Johnson

    Laughter from Heaven

    Laughter from Heaven is a joyful reminder of the wonderful life awaiting us in heaven. With her humorous approach to all life's circumstances, Barbara wants her readers to catch a light-hearted look at the hereafter. Filled with hope and encouragement, this book is sure to become a fa...

  4. I Did It His Way : A Collection of Classic B.C. Religious Comic Strips, Johnny Hart

    I Did It His Way

    A side-splitting collection of comic strips from one of the most popular cartoonists in history! Legendary cartoonist, Johnny Hart, created two of the most popular comic strips in history: B.C. and Wizard of Id.  When he became a Christian in 1984, Johnny turned his trademark wit and h...

  5. Laugh out Loud : Stories to Touch Your Heart and Tickle Your Funny Bone, Women of Faith

    Laugh out Loud

    Couldn’t we all use a good laugh? Whether you’re running full-speed-ahead or disappointed that it’s Monday (again), you’ll find joy in these pages where women—and a few men—share their hilarious stories and insights on daily life. Pets, potlucks, husbands, hot flashes, typos, tykes...T...

  6. Mama for President : Good Lord, Why Not?, Vicki Lawrence

    Mama for President

    Listen Up, America! The solution to your problems has plopped right in your lap. Mama is running for president! Discover How President Thelma Harper would handle: Immigration—I’ll tell you how we solve the problem at our border: build senior citizen housing all along the Americ...

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