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  1. Laugh out Loud : Stories to Touch Your Heart and Tickle Your Funny Bone, Women of Faith

    Laugh out Loud

    Couldn’t we all use a good laugh? Whether you’re running full-speed-ahead or disappointed that it’s Monday (again), you’ll find joy in these pages where women—and a few men—share their hilarious stories and insights on daily life. Pets, potlucks, husbands, hot flashes, typos, tykes...T...

  2. Sharing a Laugh : Heartwarming and Sidesplitting Stories from Patsy Clairmont, Barbara Johnson, Nicole Johnson, Marilyn Meberg, Luci Swindoll, Sheila Walsh, and Thelma Wells, Women of Faith

    Sharing a Laugh

    Laughter is the best medicine, and the Women of Faith® speakers definitely know how to lose themselves in laughter. Laugh along with them as they share sidesplitting stories and hilarious jokes that are sure to get a giggle - and perhaps a belly laugh - out of every reader. Sharing a L...

  3. Laughter Is the Spice of Life, Women of Faith

    Laughter Is the Spice of Life

    Producing everything from gentle chuckles to roll-in-the-aisle laughter, these stories, jokes, and quips will entertain and uplift you, no matter what your circumstances might be! This "spice-rack" of laughter includes hilarious jokes, quips, and anecdotes from some of the funniest and ...

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