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General History

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  1. 9781595555304

    Churchill's Trial

    A penetrating look at the necessity of constitutional limits upon government and the exceptional men who lead those governments, uniquely taken by overlaying the life and writings of Winston Churchill with the American experiment. Learn More

  2. 9781595555212

  3. 9780718011338

    The Search for God and Guinness

    The history of Guinness, one of the world’s most famous brands, reveals the noble heights and generosity of a great family and an innovative business. Learn More

  4. 9781595554543


    This book is part of The Generals, a series of books that examine the character traits of great generals in American history. Learn More

  5. 9781595551337


    Authors Agostino Von Hassell and Ed Breslin present Sherman as once man and phenomenon.  From Bull Run to Shiloh, from Vicksburg to Chattanooga, and from Atlanta to Savannah, Sherman carved the Confederacy with a feral singularity of purpose.  At times disheveled and informal to a fault, "Uncle Billy" became a hero whose legend only grew with allegations of villainy. Learn More

  6. 9781595553553


    This book is part of The Generals, a series of books that examine the character traits of great generals in American history. Learn More

  7. 9781595552730

    Popes and Bankers

    With a dizzying cast of characters, including church officials, gutter loan sharks, and even the Knights Templar, Cashill traces the creative tension between “pious restraint” and “economic ambition” through the annals of human history and illuminates both the dark corners of our past and the dusty corners of our billfolds.  Learn More

  8. 9781595551702

    Buried Alive

    In November 2004 Roy Hallums was working late at his office in Iraq at the Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction Company, supposedly well-protected by armed security guards, when four kidnappers broke in and hauled him away at gunpoint. The next ten months were the darkest of his life. This is the edge-of-your-seat story of a trip through hell for Hallums, the daring rescue mission, and faith that brought him through the experience. Learn More

  9. 9781558538610

    The State Line Mob

    Morris was personally acquainted with many of the outlaws who nested in the dives along the Tennessee-Mississippi border, and he crossed paths with them while he was doing research for Buford Pusser's authorized biography, The Twelfth of August. Pusser fought the state-line criminals during his entire six-year reign as sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee. During the state-line wars, Pusser created a larger-than-life image. But while walking tall, he often walked outside the law. Learn More

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