United States History

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  1. Lee : A Life of Virtue, John Perry


    Traitor. Divider. Defender of slavery. This damning portrayal of Robert E. Lee has persisted through 150 years of history books. And yet it has no basis in fact. In the spirit of bold restoration, Lee: A Life of Virtue reveals the true Lee—passionate patriot, caring son, devoted husban...



  2. It Happened in Tennessee, James Ewing

    It Happened in Tennessee

    From all over the state, Tennesseans sent James Ewing their favorite stories. It Happened in Tennessee contains the most fascinating, the most interesting, and the strangest of those stories, including Tennessee's biggest man, Mills Darden from Lexington, who was seven feet, six inches...

  3. Strange Tales of the Dark and Bloody Ground : Authentic Accounts of Restless Spirits, Haunted Honky Tonks, and Eerie Events in Tennessee, Christopher K. Coleman

    Strange Tales of the Dark and Bloody Ground

    In 1775 Cherokee leaders sold most of Tennessee and Kentucky to the recently arrived white settlers, but Dragging Canoe, a proud chief, said that the sacred land should not be defiled by the white man's ax and plow. "This is the Dark and Bloody Ground!" he proclaimed to the assembled ch...

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