Death, Grief, Recovery

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  1. God's Wisdom For Your Every Need, Jack Countryman

    God's Wisdom For Your Every Need

    Biblical Wisdom for Everyday Living. God’s Wisdom for Your Every Need has been created for today’s culture. With the uncertainty of the economy and job insecurity, families are concerned about the future and need God’s wisdom more than ever. This insightful book is filled with 61 releva...

  2. Journey to a New Beginning after Loss : Freedom from the Pain of Grief and Disappointment, Scott Reall

    Journey to a New Beginning after Loss

    Find hope and light in the face of the deepest grief. Based on the Journey to Freedom Manual, this study guide is about learning to face life after loss, whether that grief is the result of death, divorce, or other types of separation. Like the other study guides in the Journey to Freed...

  3. Deeper than Tears : Promises of Comfort and Hope, Thomas Nelson

    Deeper than Tears

    When life hurts, nothing helps like hope. This newly designed version of the best-selling Deeper than Tears, is a gift book of hope. It is a poignant and uplifting reminder that no matter what disappointments and loss come to your corner of the world, God offers healing and help. Regard...

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