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  1. The Heartache No One Sees : Real Healing for a Woman's Wounded Heart, Sheila Walsh

    The Heartache No One Sees

    Do you belong to the "silent community of the broken," hiding your pain under a veneer of busyness and perfection? Sheila Walsh, best-selling author, popular Women of Faith® speaker, and gifted recording artist, has a God-given passion for reaching out to women who are privately carryin...

  2. Simplify Your Life : Get Organized and Stay That Way, Marcia Ramsland

    Simplify Your Life

    Is it really possible to simplify your life? The answer is a resounding "yes," if you  know the necessary steps to unclutter your life and lifestyle. Get the inside scoop from professional organizer Marcia Ramsland and begin to solve your life management issues like a pro. With fast-pac...

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