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  1. Killing Lions : A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face, John Eldredge

    Killing Lions

    Killing Lions is the dialog between a young man trying to find his life’s direction and an older man offering wisdom and insight on the timeless issues of the journey toward adulthood. Every man, young or not, can benefit from the life lessons John Eldredge has passed on to his son. Learn More

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  2. The Making of a Man : How Men and Boys Honor God and Live with Integrity, Tim Brown-James Lund-Lou Holtz

    The Making of a Man

    Much more than a sports memoir, The Making of a Manreveals how faith, family, honor, and integrity have everything to do with true manhood and a life well-lived. Whether you are a rabid fan or have little interest in football, a young boy or already facing the fourth quarter of your life, these pages will both challenge and inspire you to become the man you’ve always known you could be. Learn More

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  3. 9781595553737

    Mansfield's Book of Manly Men

    Witty, compelling, and shrewd, Mansfield’s Book of Manly Menis about resurrecting your inborn, timeless, essential, masculine self. Learn More

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  4. 9780980063844

    Men in Their Own Skin


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  5. A Man After God's Heart : When a Father's Spirit Soars, Thomas Nelson

    A Man After God's Heart

    • Hardcover
    Build a collecton of true life stories with classic and contemporary poems, add simple wisdom and reflections from God's Word with inspirational quotes and just a touch of humor, then present in a handsome two-color interior design, and what you have is this great gift book for dads, A Man After God's Heart. The material is divided into six sections, including "A Look Back at My Own Father" and "Knowing When It's Time to Let Your Child Go," covering the various seasons of fatherhood. Learn More

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