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Women's Issues

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  1. 9781400204892, The Longing in Me : How Everything You Crave Leads to the Heart of God, Sheila Walsh

    The Longing in Me

    Bestselling author and Bible teacher Sheila Walsh unpacks the deepest longings of a woman’s heart and encourages readers to discover God’s relentless pursuit of them through those very longings. Learn More

  2. Joy for the Journey: Morning and Evening, Thomas Nelson

    Joy for the Journey: Morning and Evening

    • Hardcover
    An updated bestseller with expanded content to help women begin and end each day with joy. Every woman could use daily inspiration, and this beautifully packaged devotional offers enough for an entire year—twice a day! Learn More

  3. Twirl : A Fresh Spin at Life, Patsy Clairmont


    Though hurry-up is part of the human dilemma and certain seasons bring more of it than others, if it becomes a lifestyle you might find yourself on the slippery slopes of bitterness, sadness, and depression. Patsy’s hope is to help her readers maintain a dynamic view on life—with activities and choices that lead to renewal and peace. Learn More

  4. ISBN: 9781401679156

    Overcoming Worry

    This valuable study guides participants past the low level view of the waves of uncertainty crashing all around us and narrows our focus on Jesus. Through this study, participants will look at passages of Scripture showing God as a trustworthy friend, savior, and guide. Learn More

  5. 9781401676278

    God's Living Word

    In this unique study, women will explore the genres of writing in the Old and New Testaments, such as law, narrative history, wisdom, writings, and epistles. Books of the Bible that may have seemed hard to read or disconnected from our modern world will suddenly come alive in a whole new way. Learn More

  6. 9781401676230

    A Time for Everything

    This study looks at themes from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 where there really is a season for everything. Many women want more balance in their life, but balance is hard to maintain. Instead of trying to stay balanced all the time, the Bible challenges us to pay attention to the season of life we’re in and recognize the beautiful rhythms of life. Learn More

  7. Trusting God : A Life Without Worry, Women of Faith

    Trusting God

    Worry and stress have a way a sneaking into our lives when we’re not looking. Yet God invites us to wave goodbye to this unwelcome duo and learn to depend on Him in everything. As worry and stress disappear in our rear view mirror, we discover new things about God, life, and others that we never imagined. Learn More

  8. Making Peace with Your Emotions : Living Life to the Fullest, Women of Faith

    Making Peace with Your Emotions

    Through this study, you will explore twelve Bible passages and characters that expressed raw emotion. You will feel more empowered to handle negative emotions in a healthy way, and you will have a deeper appreciation for emotions in general. You will have confidence that your emotions are not only good, but godly. Learn More

  9. 9781400203642

    Daily Gifts of Grace

    Daily Gifts of Grace is a daily devotional designed specifically for women, with a beautiful hardbound case and a magnetic closure. Readers will be pleased to open it for a devotion that will help them face the day or for an inspirational devotion to close the day.  Learn More

  10. 9781400202775

    Friendship for Grown-Ups

    A speaker, teacher, and compelling storyteller, Lisa Whelchel writes from her heart and her head, sharing her story and helping women understand how to cope with the strengths and weaknesses of friendship, and basing all her advice on the foundation of our ultimate relationship with the Savior. Learn More

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