World Religions

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  1. Guesses, Goofs & Prophetic Failures : What to Think When the World Doesn’t End, Jessica Tinklenberg deVega

    Guesses, Goofs & Prophetic Failures

    Did someone say the world is going to end this week? Every time we turn around someone is predicting the end of the world. Whether it is the Maya calendar, a UFO sighting, or someone with a computer program and the Bible, we constantly face cries of doom. But what does the Bible actuall...

  2. All You Want to Know But Didn't Think You Could Ask : Religions, Cults, and Popular Beliefs, Jessica Tinklenberg deVega

    All You Want to Know But Didn't Think You Could Ask

    Everything teens and young adults need to know about world religions and philosophies in one convenient book! As our global world becomes smaller, we encounter more religions and popular beliefs than we ever have before. This book from a high school religion teacher and a professor of r...

  3. Religions A to Z : A Guide to the 100 Most Influential Religious Movements, James A. Beverley

    Religions A to Z

    Religions A to Z® is a complete, easy-to-use handbook of the origins, basic beliefs, and defining features of the world's religions, cults, and sects. Written with the Christian in mind, these profiles provide the reader with the fundamentals of today's religions and how they compare to...

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