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  1. The Loving Kitchen : Downright Delicious Southern Recipes to Share with Family, Friends, and Neighbors, LeAnn Rice

    The Loving Kitchen

    The Loving Kitchen is a collection of comforting recipes straight from the kitchen of popular food blogger LeAnn Rice. LeAnn’s sunny narrative and ideas for bringing people together will remind you that the best meal you’ll ever cook is the one you prepare as an act of love. Learn More

  2. The Voice Reader's Bible : Step Into the Story of Scripture, Ecclesia Bible Society

    The Voice Reader's Bible

    The Voice™ is a remarkable Bible translation that invites story-lovers to step into the story of the most loved book in the world. Readers will discover that they can actually hear God’s voice speaking into their life today. Learn More

  3. ISBN: 9780849947537


    n the million-selling favorite, best-selling author Max Lucado leads readers through a word-by-word study of John 3:16, the passage that he calls the "Hope Diamond" of Scripture. Learn More

  4. No Cape Required: A Devotional : 52 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Hero, Kristen Parrish

    No Cape Required: A Devotional

    In these pages, Kristen Parrish looks at the qualities of fifty-two heroes, and then shows how you can acquire every one of those qualities. No gamma rays or radioactive spider bites are needed. You can unleash your inner hero through prayer and practical action. Learn More

  5. The River, Michael Neale

    The River

    “You were made for The River . . .” Gabriel Clarke is mysteriously drawn to The River, a ribbon of frothy white water carving its way through steep canyons high in the Colorado Rockies. The rushing waters beckon him to experience freedom and adventure. Learn More

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