Youth Bible Studies

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  1. Plunge! : Come Thirsty Student Edition, Max Lucado


    God is.  God does.  God loves...YOU!  He wants to quench your every thirst, meet your every need.  His desire is that you should never thirst again, so come on, come to the W-E-L-L to recieve His Work, His Energy, His Lordship, and His Love.So what are you waiting for?  If you're feelin...

  2. Friendship 911 Leader's Guide

    Friendship 911 Leader's Guide

    This is an eight-session youth group meeting experience designed to equip young people to respond to the toughest crises their peers may face. Addressing each issue covered in the Friendship 911 Collection, students learn how to help their friends with "Tender Loving Care" and in the p...

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