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The Encyclopedia of TV Pets

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The Encyclopedia of TV Pets is an entertaining and comprehensivejourney into the lives of the world's most famous television animal stars. Allcreatures great and small, from kangaroos, sea lions, simians, and horses toelephants, dogs, lions, cats, and bears are here and pictured in nearly 200photographs.

More than 100 TV series are represented along with the biographies andtrue-life stories of such memorable animals as Lassie, Mr. Ed, Gentle Ben,Wishbone, Flipper, Trigger, Arnold the Pig, Murray, Morris, Silver, J. FredMuggs, Spuds McKenzie, Nunzio, Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion and Judy the Chimp,Benji, Morty the Moose, Marcel the Monkey, Salem from Sabrina, Fred theCockatoo, Flicka, Fury, Lancelot Link, Tramp, Comet, Skippy the Kangaroo, RinTin Tin, Cheetah, London, C.J. the Orangutan, Eddie from Frasier, andeven the Taco Bell® Chihuahua!

The Encyclopedia of TV Pets is an amazing menagerie of facts andtales, many never before told to television fans. Owners, trainers, and thehuman actors who worked with the animals have told stories in exclusiveinterviews. What were the animals' real names? What were their favorite treats?Who trained them to do the incredible feats you see on TV? It's all here andmore in The Encyclopedia of TV Pets, a book that animal lovers will keephandy alongside their remote control.


Contributor(s) Ken Beck
ISBN-13 9781418557379
Release Date Apr 1, 2002
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Price $12.99
Format eBook
Language English

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