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Weed Man

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Weed Man – The Remarkable Journey of Jimmy Divine - is John McCaslin’s account of the unbelievable exploits of a Jimmy Moree – a law-abiding citizen turned million-dollar drug trafficker, who, amidst sometimes unbelievable, hilarious and escalating circumstances, risked life and limb to both make – and give away - a fortune.

  • Shiploads of Colombian weed
  • Sack loads of cash
  • Island huts made of marijuana bales
  • Trafficking drugs while directing the neighborhood crime watch
  • Crooked cops and politicians and CIA operatives

Weed Man details exploits of one of the biggest drug traffickers to infiltrate the United States. 

D.C. political columnist John McCaslin’s account of a law-abiding citizen turned swashbuckling Caribbean Robin Hood is an unbelievable, entertaining – and true – story of crime, high jinx on the high seas.

It was on a secluded cay in the Bahamas one otherwise ordinary morning that Jimmy Moree went for his usual jog on the beach—one that changed his life forever. After all, how many people stumble upon several million dollars while exercising? Soon, millions more would fall into his lap. And with every million, Jimmy spins an amazing yarn, each more incredible than the last—like when he tried to poison a mean neighbor with a deadly barracuda; how ungodly deception caused him to steal the holy garments and identity of his Catholic school priest and principal; why several thousand pounds of particularly potent marijuana came to be stored in the crawl space of a church during its Easter services; his extreme generosity shown to the poor farmers and fishermen who helped care for his ailing mother; and his unlikely view as of one of the world's biggest drug smugglers from his pew at the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.


"I'm delighted to see that John McCaslin has climbed out of his political trench in Washington long enough to set sail on this astonishing journey through the precarious Caribbean reefs, and beyond. Somehow, in  typical McCaslin fashion, he manages to bring his readers back to the nation's capital in a chapter that will certainly have official tongues wagging in Washington."  -- Katie Couric, anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News and former co-host of NBC's Today

"This story is so compelling . . . John McCaslin has put it all together in a way that simply made me want to  just keep on reading. Wow."  --Wolf Blitzer, anchor and host of the CNN newscast The Situation Room

"For years everybody in Washington has turned to John McCaslin's Inside The Beltway column for the inside skinny on what is going on in our nation's capital. Now, in Weed Man: The Remarkable Journey of Jimmy Divine, McCaslin brings his exceptional reportorial talent to bear in a fascinating expose of the drug trade."  --G. Gordon Liddy, Watergate figure and nationally-syndicated radio host

"McCaslin was a 20-something White House correspondent covering my dad, Ronald Reagan, when I first read his unique musings. Maybe I'm not surprised, given the cast of characters and shenanigans he calls attention to every day in his Inside the Beltway column, that he's now somehow made his way to a distant tropical island and uncovered the colorful if not hilarious escapades of drug trafficker Jimmy Divine."  --Michael Reagan, presidential son and nationally syndicated radio host 

"This reads like a bestseller. It's about time we hear from a genuine pot smuggler of Jimmy Divine's caliber who opens our eyes to the high times and high jinks on the high seas."  --Tommy Chong, comedian and actor of Cheech & Chong fame 

“Proof positive that the extras in James Bond movies are far more interesting than the films, the story of Harbour Island’s Jimmy Divine is so colorful it is hard to believe ... or put down. Told in a breezy, witty style, McCaslin’s book captures moments in relatively recent Caribbean history when it was again possible to make a fortune by the ability to steer a boat stealthily through dangerous seas.” --Mark Bowden, author of Black Hawk Down, Guests of the Ayatollah and Killing Pablo

"Facts are easy. Anyone can find facts for a story. What McCaslin always finds is heart."  --Brad Meltzer, author of New York Times best-selling mystery/suspense novels The Tenth Justice, Dead Even, The First Counsel, The Millionaires, The Zero Game, The Book of Fate, The Book of Lies

Contributor(s) John McCaslin
ISBN-13 9781418576462
Release Date May 19, 2009
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Price $9.99
Format eBook
Language English

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