Taste and See

by Margaret Feinberg

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God is a foodie who wants to transform your supper into sacrament. Margaret Feinberg invites you on a global adventure to descend into a salt mine, knead bread, harvest olives, and pluck fresh figs. What you discover will forever change the way you read the Bible---and approach every meal. Plus, delicious recipes inside.

About the Book

God is a foodie who wants to transform your supper into sacrament.

One of America's most beloved teachers and writers, Margaret Feinberg, goes on a remarkable journey to unearth God's perspective on food.

She writes that since the opening of creation, God, the Master Chef, seeds the world with pomegranates and passionfruit, beans and greens and tangerines. When the Israelites wander in the desert for forty years, God, the Pastry Chef, delivers the sweet bread of heaven. After arriving in the Promised Land, God reveals himself as Barbecue Master, delighting in meat sacrifices. Like his Foodie Father, Jesus throws the disciples an unforgettable two-course farewell supper to be repeated until his return.

This groundbreaking book provides a culinary exploration of Scripture. You'll descend 400 feet below ground into the frosty white caverns of a salt mine, fish on the Sea of Galilee, bake fresh matzo at Yale University, ferry to a remote island in Croatia to harvest olives, spend time with a Texas butcher known as "the meat apostle," and wander a California farm with one of the world's premier fig farmers.

With each visit, Margaret asks, "How do you read these Scriptures, not as theologians, but in light of what you do every day?" Their answers will forever change the way you read the Bible - and approach every meal.

Taste and See is a delicious read that includes dozens of recipes for those who, like Margaret, believe some of life's richest moments are spent savoring a meal with those you love.

Perhaps God's foodie focus is meant to do more than satisfy our bellies. It's meant to heal our souls, as we learn to taste and see the goodness of God together. After all, food is God's love made edible.

See you around the table!


Speaker and teacher Feinberg (Scouting the Divine) explores the foods of the Bible in this delightful book of scriptural lessons, travel anecdotes, and recipes. In essaylike chapters, Feinberg describes meeting with food producers from around the globe to gain a deeper perspective on the relationship between food and spirituality. In 'A Flaky Fillet of Fish,' she joins a crew of fisherman on the Sea of Galilee who expectantly wait for God to deliver their catch. (Related recipes include Leif's Baked Halibut and Mom's Almond-Crusted Tilapia.) In 'A Plate of Sweet and Succulent Figs,' Feinberg visits a farm in Madera, Calif. that challenges her notions of perspective and attentiveness as she witnesses the tiny fruits emerging from massive trees. In 'A Dash of Sea Salt,' she descends into the caverns of a Utah salt mine and considers images of salt in the Bible, a symbol of 'new beginnings and a separation from the past.' She also harvests olives in Croatia, visits a butcher in South Texas, and attempts to make 18-minute matzo. Feinberg's approach is conversational and practical, and she includes sidebars of simple activities based around showing grace before eating (such as going around to highlight each person's best attribute or 'fruit of the spirit'). Christian foodies are in for a treat. (Jan.)
Reviewed on 11/09/2018

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