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Bible Guarantee


With a 200+ year legacy in publishing, we take great pride in our Bibles and our commitment to bring the Word of God to you in a way that you and your loved ones can cherish for generations.


Every Thomas Nelson Bible is crafted with pride and care to serve you for a lifetime. If the Bible you purchased fails because of manufacturing defects, you may return it for a free replacement. If the same Bible is no longer available, it will be replaced with a Bible of the same or greater value. This guarantee does not apply to normal wear and tear. Shop Bibles Now.


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How to Care for Your Bible


In order to extend the life of your new Bible, we would like to suggest the following guidelines for the care and use of your Bible.


With the first use of your Bible, carefully open it by placing the spine of the Bible on a flat surface.  Open both the front and back covers and, with light pressure, run your fingers up and down as close to the binding as possible.  Continue this process by pulling back a few pages at a time as you work your way to the center of the Bible.


If pages are stuck together carefully rub the pages between your thumb and index finger to release them.


To protect the spine of your Bible, do not bend the cover backward around the spine.  This can cause the pages to fall out and break the binding.


To further protect the binding, do not carry bulletins, notes, pens, etc. inside the pages of your Bible as this can weaken the binding over time.


The pages inside the Bible are generally thin.  Therefore, it is best not to use highlighters or felttipped markers to take notes or underline passages.  Despite the fact that these writing utensils are often marked as “no bleed through” they will still be visible on the other side of the page.  It is best to use either a ball-point pen or pencil.


Protect your Bible from excessive heat or direct sunlight.  Prolonged exposure will lead to fading and/or curling of the pages.  Also, keep your Bible away from moisture to prevent the page edges from peeling, streaking, or spotting.


To clean your Bible, it is recommended that you use a lightly damp cloth.  Do not use detergents or packaged Bible cleaning products.


The best way to preserve the supple condition of your leather Bible is to handle it.  The natural oils from your hand keep the leather from cracking or becoming stiff.  If you decide to purchase a Bible cover, remember to remove it and handle the leather cover occasionally.


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