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God's Word In Action



Our God’s Word in Action program is continuing for a second year! Last year, the Thomas Nelson Bible Group partnered with World Vision to contribute funds to help eradicate global and domestic poverty. With a goal to generate $100,000, we were thrilled to surpass that with a total donation of $112,500. World Vision was then able to multiply the $112,500 God’s Word in Action Donation by a 4.8 World Vision matching grant multiplier to provide $540,000 in aid to children, their families and communities. In total, 24,000 individuals were cared for through this program.


This year, Thomas Nelson  is joining with World Vision again to continue to give back. By donating a minimum of $100,000 to World Vision, we are helping to eradicate poverty and preventable deaths among children. Based on current matching grant estimates this donation will generate $525,000 – providing aid to more than 38,000 children.  


Funds given to World Vision this year will be directed to their Survive to Five program and pharmaceuticals program. According to World Vision, children under the age of five are the most vulnerable to preventable diseases. The funds contributed from Thomas Nelson will be focused on the fundamentals of child heath, including clean water, nutritious food, and preventable diseases.


Learn more and discover what you can do at www.seegodswordinaction.com.


You can help make this program a success.  Click here to shop for Bibles and make a difference.

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