A Change of Affection sheds a bright light on a very misunderstood and important subject. This is a timely and relevant read for anyone and everyone who desires to understand more fully one of the most common and difficult stumbling blocks today to faithfully following Christ.


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Becket’s transformation and his sacrificial humility to boldly stand for Jesus Christ for a time such as this is powerful and timely! A Change of Affection is a change in direction for the next several generations and beyond.

— Stephen Baldwin, actor, author, and evangelist

This short book is a very healthy mixture of candid self-disclosure and rigorous thought. It combines good storytelling with careful handling of the Bible. It is always honest and never glib. In the rising tide of literature on same-sex attraction and homosexuality, this book stands out as one of the most constructive.

—D. A. Carson, founder and president of The Gospel Coalition

A Change of Affection is one of the most powerful, awe-inspiring stories I have ever read. It will bring you to tears, strengthen your confidence in God’s power to change lives, and create in you a greater hunger to make Jesus the Lord of your life. The book is just flat-out hard to put down! It is not only interesting and inspirational, but Becket Cook also teaches us a lot about the nature and importance of discipleship unto the Lord Jesus. Put simply, it is a biblically and transformationally rich account of Cook’s incredible journey. I highly recommend it.

—J. P. Moreland, distinguished professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology and author of Finding Quiet: My Story of Overcoming Anxiety and the Practices That Brought Peace

A tour de force! Becket Cook’s story will pull on your heart strings and engage your theological mind. This is a must read!

— Caleb Kaltenbach, founder of The Messy Grace Group and author of Messy Grace and God of Tomorrow

Are Christians enemy number one of the gay community? Is disagreement an expression of hatred,

as my culture wants to claim? This attractive book tells a very different story, and a far more realistic one. It starts with a bang, with Becket meeting a so-called Bible Guy, whose answers to his skeptical  questions regarding Christianity are surprisingly thoughtful, and a sermon so enlightening that a newcomer like Becket didn’t want it to end (imagine). And as valuable as anything is Part 2: Reflections, where Cook demonstrates a great heart and mind.

—Dick Lucas, rector emeritus, St. Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate, London

A Change of Affection is a riveting book. I couldn’t put it down. With conviction, clarity, and compassion, Becket shares his remarkable story in a manner that will inspire believers and challenge seekers. I truly hope this book is widely read and discussed, because it offers a powerful story of redemption and hope in our lonely and hurting world.

—Sean McDowell, PhD, professor at Biola University, popular speaker, and author of So the Next Generation Will Know


A gay man in Hollywood with a successful career as a set designer, Becket Cook rarely thought about God—until an unexpected encounter in a coffee shop changed his life forever.

Part memoir, part apologetic, and an astute look at what the Bible says about homosexuality, A Change of Affection is above all a witness to the power of the gospel and the depth of God’s love.


Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Becket Cook moved to Los Angeles after college to pursue a career in writing and acting. He currently works as a production designer in the fashion world. He recently received his master's degree from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University and spends much of his time in ministry, speaking on the issue of homosexuality at churches, universities, and conferences.