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In Across the Street and Around the World, Jeannie Marie shares a lifetime of invaluable experience with the rest of us. Her book is a treasure trove of insights and practical resources for engaging the nations in our own backyard and to the ends of the earth!

—David Garrison, executive director of Global Gates and author of Church Planting Movements and A Wind in the House of Islam

This book is different. It’s packed with a winsome, inviting practicality for any Christ-follower to have a fruitful part in reaching the nations. Every chapter lists a few ideas, tips, or next steps. But almost every idea is described in story form. The stories are all about everyday, common people with struggles and weaknesses on display. So it’s not hard to imagine how you—or someone you know—might step into the story of God’s purpose with joy. We’ve long needed this book. It’s going to be widely used. 

—Steve Hawthorne, coeditor of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

This book is very inspirational and easy to read and it shares deep, life-changing principles. The many examples help the reader to grasp the crucial points of each chapter, challenging the reader to get involved in cross-cultural ministry one way or another and gives practical ways how to do that. I pray that the Lord would use this book to raise up numerous workers who will go to the unengaged and unreached peoples of the world.  If I hadn’t given my life to serve the Lord among the least reached peoples in the world almost thirty years ago, I would do it after reading Jeannie’s book.

—Daniel Waheli, field worker involved with several church planting movements in Africa and author of Lessons Learned in the Lions Den: Imprisoned for Sharing Jesus

Here is my endorsement of this tremendous book: I know that many readers want to make a difference in the lives of non-Christian peoples, but don’t know where to begin. Jeannie Marie shows the way. This book is a fun read, a missions how-to, and a journey with Jesus Christ to the places in our world, some of them nearby, where the need for God’s love is so great.

—Bob Blincoe, president of Frontiers USA

A great resource for groups and individuals considering possible involvement in mission initiatives, Across the Street and Around the World shows the incredible opportunities that all believers have to be involved and illustrates practically the multitude of ways it can happen. Its focus is not just on practical strategies for reaching across cultural and language barriers, but also emphasizes the need for clarity in the communication of the gospel in order to meet the spiritual needs of people. This book is not theory, but life.”

—Oli Jacobsen, chairman of International Ministries, Ethnos360

In a world divided by walls Across the Street and Around the World is a must-read. We live in an increasingly diverse society and Jeannie Marie shows us how we must live toward one another as followers of Christ. Sometimes Christians find it easier to travel far away to share the love of Christ than to love our immigrant neighbor two doors down. Sometimes it’s easier to give someone a meal than to sit down together and share a meal. Jeannie Marie reminds us that we live in a divided culture where the immigrants, foreigners, and minorities are even demonized at times. It’s time for us to change that narrative and be reminded that every person from every place is made in the image of God, and he waits for us to embrace them and recognize them as the good and beautiful people he made. When we cross the street, the walls come down.     

—Palmer Chinchen, PhD, expatriate, speaker, and author of Justice Calling, Barefoot Tribe, and True Religion


A practical guidebook that helps readers align with God's desire to cross cultures and reach all nations.

Many Christians experience a stirring in their souls after short overseas trips or global conferences, or as they interact with the increasingly diverse sets of people moving into their neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools. But most don't know how to build intentional relationships with people from different backgrounds.

Across the Street and Around the World offers an answer to those Christians wondering, Is it possible to engage with people of other cultures right now, in my everyday world—or even beyond? Step by step, it helps them see how to prepare their souls, reshape their worldviews, and redesign their patterns of life to become the sort of people who can represent Jesus across cultural lines and take part in God's plans for their neighborhoods, their cities, and the world.



Jeannie Marie is a strategist for an international agency that recruits, trains, and sends long-term global workers to more than fifty countries. An inspirational speaker, Jeannie also teaches nationally on building relational bridges with people from other faiths and cultures. Jeannie and her husband and four children live in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona.


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