Author and inspirational leader Debra B. Morton reveals the secret to surviving and even thriving in the midst of setbacks and painful circumstances.

When hardships arise or tragedy strikes, it doesn't matter who you are; it hurts. How do you find your way to hope and purpose once again?

A native of New Orleans, Debra B. Morton reminded those struggling after Hurricane Katrina that "God hasn't forgotten about you." She knew this from personal experience. After facing the death of her granddaughter, Debra had to learn how to live as a victor, not a victim. The trials we face are often the means for showing us our purpose. Beyond the Storm reveals how.

Morton shares the steps that have helped her and many others recover from the storms that threaten to overwhelm them. She identifies the key differences between people who are determined to survive and those who are apt to give up. Knowing how to respond effectively and maintaining a positive mindset are integral to overcoming such adversity. Beyond the Storm is a much-needed handbook for flourishing after the devastating effects of life's blows.




New Orleans native Debra B. Morton is a leader, teacher, pastor, and entrepreneur who serves alongside her husband, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr., at Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans, LA, and is the co-pastor of Changing a Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. When she was ordained as an elder in 1993, she earned the ground-breaking distinction as one of the first ordained female elders to preach in a Baptist pulpit.  A Stellar Award nominee and James Cleveland award winner, she has gone on to executively produce an album and write several songs, open a troubled teen girls home, and help her husband to rebuild and expand a great ministry. But of all of her many accomplishments, she takes her greatest pride in her personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and her roles as a wife, mother of three children and grandmother of seven.

“Storms are an inevitable part of life. Dr. Debra Morton has courteously and transparently given us a front-row seat to glean from the valuable lessons she learned in, and after, her storms. This is a masterpiece filled with spiritual revelation and practical wisdom on how to navigate through the tumultuous seasons of life and emerge better, stronger, and wiser. To all who are determined not be a permanent victim but live victoriously beyond the storms of life, this is a must-read. Our trauma can be truly transformational.”


senior pastor, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee, and international presiding bishop of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

“A masterful, practical, autobiographical perspective on the essentials of surviving ‘storms’—life’s threatening encounters. This book is born out of the author’s balanced ministry of sitting in the second chair and changing positions to drive the chariot. Beginners in the school of life will find here the secrets of surviving storms. Seasoned students will discover refreshment in the midst of daily pressures. Read and rejoice.”


founder and senior pastor of the Church Without Walls, Houston, Texas

“Nothing can disrupt our lives like a storm. Whether you are the primary target of its impact, or closely connected to someone who is, we are never the same. In the pages ahead, the voice of Pastor Debra Morton calmly coaches and equips us with the necessary tools to clear out the collateral damage and courageously embrace life anew . . . Beyond the Storm. This is a must-read!”


pastor of the Potter’s House, North Dallas

“God has blessed Pastor Debra Morton with a unique combination of gifts: the fortitude to survive many storms, the awareness of what it took to thrive after the storms, and the ability to teach others the practical application of what she has learned. By sharing her deep understanding in a practical way, she has offered the world tools that can be used to conquer life’s most difficult challenges and to convert tragic events into personal triumphs.”


senior pastor, First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, Somerset, New Jersey, former Secretary of State of New Jersey, and former chairman of the Federal Election Assistance Commission

“Pastor Debra Morton has the courage to bring clarity to our journey through life with Jesus Christ. Storms come to each of our lives at some point and in certain ways. She identifies these different hardships and points the reader to the hope in Christ—trust His Word and learn storm lessons. Hopefully and prayerfully we will read, gain strength, and come through every storm.” 


the International Gathering at Beth Rapha, Pomona, New York


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