God Himself desires to love and be loved. We’re created in His image, so it’s in our DNA to desire to love and be loved.


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God loves each one of us, and that love lasts, even through rejection.


Popular pastor and acclaimed author Van Moody reveals the secret to a fulfilling, life-sustaining relationship with God: a deep understanding of just how much He loves us.

We were made to be in relationship with God, wired to love and be loved by Him. We feel truly whole and complete only when we have a vital, passionate relationship with Him. And that relationship can occur only with a deep understanding of who God is and how much He loves us.

As the story of the Bible makes clear, God’s earnest love for His people is continually given and rejected. To understand how God can keep pursuing us like this, we must see Him as He is: overflowing with desire for, and relentlessly in pursuit of, His people. 

Desired by God gives a refreshing, eye-opening picture of this God, who wants with all His heart for us to know Him. And when we see Him clearly and fall in love with Him, we will find ourselves more grounded, satisfied, and cared for than we ever dreamed possible.


serves as pastor of the Worship Center in Birmingham, Alabama. In addition, he is on the board of Joel Osteen's Champions Network, is a member of Dr. Oz’s Core Team, and is an associate trainer in Japan for Dr. John C. Maxwell’s EQUIP leadership organization. Moody, his wife, Ty, and their children, Eden Sydney and Ethan Isaiah, live in Birmingham, Alabama.


THIS IS A BOLD BOOK!  This is a love story.  You love sports, you love ice cream you love your lover.  Surely there is difference.  You love passionately, you love sexually, but do you know what it really means to love divinely?  More importantly, do you know what it really means to be loved divinely!  Here is a love story.  But oh, so much more than a love story! 

In an age where love has been exhibited, exploited and over-exposed-ALONG COMES A REAL LOVE STORY. In this work, Van Moody gives us unusual insight in the power, the practicality and the purposeful presence of the love of the God who does not love – but who is Love.


Kenneth C. Ulmer, D.Min, PhD

Co-Chairman, The King’s University

We may think we already know all about the love of God, but I suspect few of us fully grasp the extend of it and live accordingly. In Van Moody's Desired by God, he brings fresh insight and thoughtful biblical analysis to this foundational topic. No matter whether you're a new believer or a follower of Jesus for decades, this book will startle you with the powerful love of God in ways you've never considered. Highly recommended!

Chris Hodges
Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands, Author of Fresh Air and The Daniel Dilemma

In this book, Van Moody goes deep into the reciprocity of God’s unfailing love toward us. This is a journey into the mainland of real faith. To know in our hearts that we are Desired by God is a game changer that liberates us from the elusive affirmation of the human kind to the revolutionary, blissful love that can only come through the enraptured feeling of being safe in the Master’s arms! This is a must read. But more importantly it is a guide to the romanticism of a God who has chosen us to be the object of His affection!

Bishop T. D. Jakes Sr.

Sr. Pastor of The Potter’s House of Dallas

Love! I don't get it. Neither do you. It is indescribable. It is incomprehensible. But, it can be given and accepted. It's not an emotion. You know when someone loves you and when you love someone. My friend Van Moody unpacks all of that in Desired by God. For God so loved…and loves—you!

Sam Chand

Leadership Consultant and author of Leadership Pain

If you have a fire in your heart for Jesus, this book is pure gasoline. It brushes away the wet leaves of religion and breathes passion back into your intimate spiritual life. This one is truly unique and I highly recommend it. 

Dr. Jonathan Welton

Best-selling author and President of Welton Academy 


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