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Do you ever feel like you just want to push the fast forward button on life? Do you feel like your current season is meaningless, or that it's tedious or too painful? Or maybe it's super sweet but you can't quite see the exquisite beauty because you're so distracted by all the things of life.

Sound like you? Don't worry, I've been there, too, and I want to tell you my story. I might make you laugh, and maybe cry, but you'll find help here.


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Have you ever longed for the chance to drop life’s distractions once and for all? Does it sometimes feel like your life is passing you by?

Our world is so overconnected these days that many of us are finding ourselves disconnected from our own lives. With emails to check, Instagram to scroll through, and friends to be envious of, we really don’t leave much time for checking into our actual lives. You know, the ones we are living right here, right now.

Kate Merrick gets it…she’s been in the trenches with the rest of us. But along her journey she’s learned some secrets that led her to live a more present life. Her writing is hilariously relatable and she isn’t afraid to get real about what it takes to truly find peace.

In Here, Now Kate will show readers how to:

  • Drop your baggage, clean it out, and find deeper contentment
  • Kill your wifi, put down the tech, and truly connect with those around you
  • Redirect your FOMO so you aren’t missing out on your own life
  • Edit the manuscript of your life so you can enjoy the simple loveliness of real life

Kate Merrick is the cofounder of the Reality family of churches along with her husband, Britt. When she's not writing, speaking at retreats and conferences, or #slayingmotherhood, you can find her at the beach, in the garden, or making delicious messes in the kitchen. She lives with her family and a flock of chickens in Carpinteria, California.


“If you’re in the mood to sit down for coffee with a friend who is not only hilarious, but so wise and gut-wrenchingly honest, this book will do the trick. My friend Kate Merrick has uncovered the secrets to live a more present and intentional life, and we are all blessed that she is willing to share. Put Here, Now on your reading list.”

—Esther Fleece Allen, speaker and author of No More Faking Fine 

“I love the simplicity yet powerful message behind Here, Now. Kate’s writing style is so relatable and has truly opened my eyes to becoming more present and enjoying God’s gifts that we encounter every single day. This book reminds us that the best things in life are not behind a screen or on social media, rather they are enjoying the world, people, and cultures for what they truly are. It is an uplifting reminder to laugh, cry, be silly, and experience the realness of life.” 

—Lakey Peterson, professional surfer

“I didn’t realize it, but I have been waiting for this book. I’ve been waiting for permission to opt out of the noise that I keep innocently inviting in and get tired of trying to shout over. I’m so grateful for Kate’s story, for her encouragement, for her testimony. I have been living wrong, making poor choices, and gravitating toward a false sense of connection. I am craving a life that is rich and a life that is real. Here, Now is a beautiful and poignant guidepost pointing me toward that realness and richness I so long for.”

—Lindsey Nobles, Onsite Workshops

Here, Now may be the most important book you read this year. Timely, relevant, convicting, yet full of humor and grace, Kate speaks to the heart of the issues we all wrestle with, whether we talk about it or not. Sharing the intimate journey that has brought Kate and her family to where they are today, this book is an absolute gift to the world—a treasure not to be taken lightly. Kate lives this message every day, and after reading her book I think we all might find ourselves moving towards a less distracted and more present life.” 

—Monica Swanson, blogger and author of Boy Mom

“The digital age has given us instant accessibility and a sense of connectedness far and wide but has left a generation thirsty for more than the shallows. Kate Merrick’s voice sings prophetic to those who long for the deep. In Here, Now she not only leads readers into the gift of how to be fully awake to their real flesh and blood lives, but also to the everyday holy presence of God as a legacy to embrace and impart.”

—Kristen Kill, author of Finding Selah

“Presence isn’t a gender issue. Men often escape into work, sports, fantasy, or living vicariously through entertainment and social feeds. Through poetic grace and humility, Kate returns us to the joy of living our real, best, and only life. It’s Kate’s wisdom that guides us through the greatest personal challenge of our day, but it’s the beauty of her writing that opens our hearts to hear it.”

—Roger W. Thompson, author, woodworker, and fly fisherman