Bible teacher and acclaimed spoken-word artist David Bowden reveals the secret to winning the battle with sin.

Many Christians believe the only way to fight sin is to grit our teeth, strengthen our resolve, and rise above the onslaught of temptation. But in reality, we have a far better weapon in our struggle with sin than the will-power mantras associated with diet and exercise. This weapon is not saying "no" to sin but saying "yes" to God. 

In Rewire Your Heart, David Bowden helps us discover God's plan to overcoming sin by rewiring our desires with the Gospel. When we invite the Holy Spirit to transform our underlying affections with the good news of Jesus, we begin to break free from the patterns of sin, guilt, and determination, and discover the richer fulfillment found in joyfully obeying God's commands.



David Bowden is an international speaker and performer known best for his craft of spoken word poetry. He has performed his poems all around the world for hundreds of thousands of people, and his videos have attracted millions of views online. David and his wife, Meagan, live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


"David Bowden is a captivating speaker and engaging author who will inspire you to look into your heart, listen to the Scriptures, and pursue the God of Holiness."

Robert L. Plummer, Ph.D.

Professor of New Testament Interpretation

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminar

“David is a powerful theological rhymer and fountain of energy.  To watch his thoughts unfold in this book is an honor and heart check.”


Charlie Hall

Artist Worship & Liturgy Pastor

Frontline church Oklahoma City, OK

“This book takes you on a fantastic journey with David Bowden as he compels us to kill the seeds of sin and daily rewire our hearts. The Bible takes a high view of the human heart—and this book powerfully compels us to soak our souls in the living Word. Only when we do this can we re-route our affections and live a life of divinely changed actions. Every believer needs to read this dynamic expository on a regular basis.”


Rob Hoskins



“David Bowden walks the reader down a perilous and exciting path of self-discovery.  He challenges us to confront the dark places of our soul and thereby find joy as we yield to Christ in our affections.  I encourage this read.”


Bill High

CEO, The Signatry

Co-author of Giving it All Away..and Getting it Back Again

“My favorite authors are those who weave together words to take you on a journey. The journey to communicate sin, affections, and the need for rewiring is no easy task. I applaud David for not shying away from this adventure. Rewire Your Heart is thoughtful, caring, hopeful, and inspiring. I'm confident that meaningful affections for God will be stirred in the hearts of people who read this book.”


Josh Ross

Lead Minister at the Sycamore View Church in Memphis

Author of Reentry and Scarred Faith.

“Rewire Your Heart” will challenge the depth of your commitment to Christ, because it takes away the excuses for sin in our lives—not the forgiveness for sin, as that only comes through the saving grace from Jesus.  I strongly encourage reading this book and allowing its insights to help us be more like Jesus.  Thank you, David, for helping us see this godly wisdom more clearly.


Mike E. O’Neal

President Emeritus

Oklahoma Christian University 

This is a solid Biblical approach with a surprisingly fresh angle to an ago-old problem. David bears his soul and is so honest about his own struggles. He helps you overcome the myth that working harder on your mind will help you overcome an issue with your heart. This book will challenge you and help bring about the change you desperately want and need.


Tommy Woodard 

Skit Guys

"This book is for anyone who has found themselves struggling with the same old sin, anyone who has become weary in the fight against temptation, or anyone who has lost hope of victory being possible.  This book inspired me and reminded me of the fullness that is found in Jesus, and the grace He has given for us to live the victorious lives He intends for us."


Zane Black

Dare 2 Share Speaker

Youth Pastor, Grace Church

Lovin Life Founder

At the heart of my problem is the problem of my heart. Not since Dallas Willard’s “Renovation of the Heart” has an author made me think in more practical terms of how to pursue a transformation of my heart and, in particular, its desires. Rooted in Scripture and unflinchingly transparent, David has provided a trustworthy resource for reflection, prayer, conversation and hope when it comes to the transformation of our hearts.


Chris Seidman 

Lead Pastor, The Branch Church


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