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How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better
Format: Paperback

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Quick Overview:

In Unoffendable readers will find something of immeasurable value—a concrete, practical way to live life with less stress. They’ll adjust their expectations to fit human nature and replace perpetual anger with refreshing humility and gratitude.
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Not entitled to get angry? Really?

It’s a radical, provocative idea: We’re not entitled to get offended or stay angry. The idea of our own “righteous anger” is a myth. It is the number one problem in our societies today and, as Dallas Willard says, Christians have not been taught out of it.

As it turns out, giving up our “right” to be offended can be one of the most freeing, healthy, simplifying, relaxing, refreshing, stress-relieving, encouraging things we can do.

In Unoffendable readers will find something of immeasurable value—a concrete, practical way to live life with less stress. They’ll adjust their expectations to fit human nature and replace perpetual anger with refreshing humility and gratitude.

The book offers a unique viewpoint, challenging the idea that Christians can ever harbor “righteous anger” or that there evenis such a thing for believers.

Few other books exist with such a radical, provocative proposal to consider. We have no right to anger. We are to get rid of it, period. Completely. And it is possible to choose to be “unoffendable.”

Through the author’s winsome, humorous, and conversational style, this book doesn’t add another thing to do on a stressed-out person’s ever-growing list. Better, it actually seeks to lift religious burdens from readers’ backs and allow them to experience the joy of gratitude, perhaps for the first time, every single day of their lives.

Contributor(s) Brant Hansen
About the Contributor(s) Brant Hansen

Brant Hansen is a radio host who has won multiple National Personality of the Year awards. He also works with CURE International, a worldwide network of hospitals that brings life-changing medical care and the good news of God’s love to children with treatable conditions. Brant currently lives in Northern California with his wife, Carolyn; his son, Justice; and his daughter, Julia. He can be found at branthansen.com and @branthansen on Twitter.

ISBN-10 0529123851
ISBN-13 9780529123855
Release Date Apr 14, 2015
Weight (lbs) 1.0000
Height 8.50
Width 5.50
Length 214
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Price $15.99
Format Paperback
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Victor
I requested the book UN-OFF-END-ABLE, written by Brant Hansen, through the publisher house Thomas Nelson .First thing I would like to say about this book, is that I got the paper back version, which is in my humble opinion, the best alternative for a book of its kind. Specially because the author is not pretentious, or at least does not transmit that vibe, but rather simple, in his use of language and technique. This does not represent a negative comment, but if I may, a good thing, for whomever embark on the enterprise of speaking of God's Grace . Nothing more adequate than simplifying concepts that are hard to understand.

It is not my intention to spoil the lecture of this work, but I cannot review UNOFFENDABLE partially Therefore I have to let you know that Mr. Hansen main message in this book is the Grace of God towards humanity. For that, he uses his own experience combined with an approach of that : “let go” attitude, that is supposed should characterized all Christians. He sustain the idea that understanding the Grace of God correctly, will provide us that “unoffendable” personality.

It is also my opinion that books of this nature, will never be enough, just a complement, a momentary relief and a particular, but limited guide to understanding His Grace.

¿Do I recommend the its lecture? Yes, sure. I think this book will be a good help for those that struggle with the Christian Faith.

(Posted on 6/13/2015)
Review by Becky
I'm not really sure where to start with this review...This book was so challenging that I feel that I need to go through it again. Mind you, it wasn't challenging on a readability level - it was actually a relatively "easy" read as far as the words go. It's the concept that challenged me...I have no right to get offended, no right to "righteous" anger? That's not an easy concept to grasp.

From the dedication (To all those who want grace for themselves, but struggle to extend it to others. Wait: that's everybody), to the very end, Hansen points out that it's not my "job" to fret over what everyone else is doing wrong; I am not in control. It calls me to let go of the idea that I have any control over people, places and situations, because I don't. In chapter 2, he says, "Being offended is a tiring business. Letting go gives you energy.", and "I can let stuff go because it's not all about me. Simply reminding myself to refuse to take offense is a big part of the battle." And he's right...Since finishing the book, I now make a concerted effort to stop and remind myself that it's truly not about me. When someone cuts me off in traffic...well, I've undoubtedly done the same thing or worse. Through this book, I am working on not being surprised or upset at other's failures, as well as my own. It's freeing me to love people (and myself) just as we are.

Brant backs up his book clearly with scripture in an easily understood way. He uses personal experiences and shares his struggles which makes the book real. Even though it's challenging on a spiritual, personal level, it's written in a fun way. If you have ever listened to Brant Hansen on the radio, you know that he has a somewhat "warped" sense of humor, and you never really know what he might say next. It's the same in the book. He makes this concept a bit easier to digest because you know he is right there with you. (Posted on 4/16/2015)

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