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You Know You're a Dad

A Book for Dads Who Never Thought They’d Say Binkies, Blankies, or Curfew
Format: Hardcover

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Quick Overview:

From buying a stroller as expensive as a Volvo to not being able to open your kitchen cabinets due to baby locks (which don’t even slow down your toddler) to discovering play-dough in your hair right before a business meeting, dads will laugh as they relate to the humor and heartwarming truths of raising children.
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You know you’re a dad when you’re more impressed by the latest innovations in stroller technology than in your old sports car . . .

You know you’re a dad when a wild Friday night means falling asleep in front of a cartoon with your toddler . . .

You know you’re a dad when all you want for Christmas is a nanny . . .

No matter if you’re in the first throes of sleepless nights and dirty diapers, firmly entrenched in the days of picky eaters and science fairs, or looking back in wonder at how you raised your own children, You Know You’re a Dad will make parents laugh out loud with its humorous insights into the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Thanks to Harry Harrison Jr’s signature humor, You Know You’re a Dad will resonate with new and experienced parents alike.

This book is a great gift for Father’s Day as well as birthdays, Christmas, and as a gift to new or expecting parents.   

Contributor(s) Harry Harrison
About the Contributor(s) Harry Harrison

Harry H Harrison Jr. is a bestselling writer with more than 3.5 million books in print. He has been the subject of two documentaries. His books have been listed on the New York Times and Book Sense list of bestselling non-fiction trade paperback books for over ten years. They are also available in some thirty foreign countries.


ISBN-10 0718087070
ISBN-13 9780718087074
Release Date Apr 4, 2017
Weight (lbs) 0.6500
Height 5.75
Width 4.75
Length 208
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Price $9.99
Format Hardcover
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Teresa
I am sure the author is a great dad, and his book is relevant to his own experience, as well as the experience of many other dads. Yet, I really did not like You Know You’re A Dad. I felt like the humor was very cliched and fell flat most of the time. As a woman, it is not super fun to read that one of the ways a man knows he is a dad is that he wonders if his pregnant wife’s body will ever return to normal. Har, har. I know it’s meant to be funny, but as the female audience who would probably be buying the book for her husband, I found the pregnant body jokes irritating. Also, a lot of the little quips involved sports — watching sports, reading Sports Illustrated while the wife reads parenting books, etc. — and my husband always tells me that it drives him nuts when some pastors constantly use sports metaphors in church. He is not a sports guy, and he feels like the sports talk is shoved down his throat everywhere he goes when he’s in a group. He likes classic cars and movies. I know this book has an audience, and some couples will think it’s cute or funny, but I don’t think it reaches a more modern couple. My husband is really proud to be a dad. I think he could have came up with some better examples, both funny and serious, of how he knew when he was a dad than what this book offered. I am disappointed because I wanted to give him this book for Father’s Day. It just wasn’t an enjoyable read for me. I didn’t see how my own husband would connect with it. (Posted on 6/5/2017)

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